About Us

Mingo Discount Storage Facility

We have been in business for over 40 years. Locals know and trust us to keep their belongings safe and secure for reliably low prices, long term or short term. The reason we have such an excellent reputation is simple; hard work. Our staff is trained, dedicated, and helpful, offering people solutions they can feel confident in. While many businesses seek to capitalize on modern trends or by stretching the truth, we simply do what you expect a storage business to do. We keep your belongings safe, for months, for years, for decades to come, all according to your need.

When we started out, the idea of excessive amenities, hidden fees, and all sorts of fancy bells and whistles did not control the market the way it might today. To that end, we know there are plenty of customers who are not looking for bells and whistles, who just want a secure location to store excess belongings. That is what we are here to provide. A reliable and time-proven solution to your problems, for however long you need us to provide them. This location is not about to up and close its doors a decade from now, we do not benefit from providing unnecessary luxury or sales pitches. We offer you exactly what you need, and nothing more.

People are our greatest asset, no matter how the markets change or how the days go by, we can help you to find a solution to your storage problems. Our business is helping you keep your business secure and stowed away. So allow us to do what we do best, and provide you with a no hassle, no frills approach to self storage. This business model has worked for almost a half a century, and we do not intend to stop any time soon. Contact us today and let us help you.